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Balloon Debate

We followed our AGM on Monday 14th May with an amazing Balloon Debate. We were graced with Mother Theresa (Tracey) and Mary Poppins (Debbie) as two of our passengers:

WSC Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Wolverhampton Speakers Club will take place at 7:45 p.m. at the Goldthorn Hotel on Monday 14th May 2018.

WSC Certificates Awarded

At our meeting on 16th April 2018 Helen Winter gained her WSC Basic Certificate in Public Speaking.  She will be presented with her certificate at the next meeting on 30th April.

At our meeting on 26th March 2018 the WSC Basic Certificate in Public Speaking was awarded to Mick Tuohy and Graham Harrison. This certificate is awarded to members who have completed the first five Exercises and have successfully given a Certification Speech that covers all of the skills previously practised.

At the previous meeting on 12th March the WSC Leadership Certificate was awarded to Brian Micklethwaite for successfully demonstrating leadership qualities over an extended period in:

  • Committee Experience
  • Chairing Business Meetings
  • Producing Annual Speaking Programmes
  • Public Relations
  • Giving Tutorials and Workshops

Bill Murray Cup

The Bill Murray Cup is named after a late well-loved member of Wolverhampton SC.  

The Cup is awarded each meeting by the Chairman to the member who has made the most significant contribution to the meeting.

The awards for the 2017-18 season are:

  • July 9th - Maura Sherar
  • June 18th - Adrian Chadwick
  • June 4th - Alex Kaszuba
  • May 14th - Tracey Jackson (as Mother Theresa)
  • April 30th - Tracey Jackson
  • April 16th - Helen Winter
  • March 26th - Mark Andrews
  • March 12th - Alex Kaszuba
  • February 26th - Tracey Jackson
  • February 12th - Tracey Jackson and Debbie Willetts
  • January 29th - Brian Micklethwaite
  • January 15th - Maura Sherar
  • December 18h - James Whild
  • December 4th - Debbie Willetts
  • November 20th - Gurjeet Cheema
  • November 6th - Srose Lalli
  • October 23rd - Alex Kaszuba
  • October 9th - Gurjeet Cheema
  • September 25th - Maura Sherar
  • September 11th - Avtar Cheema